Finding the New Normal

Moving to a new country is stressful. Settling in a new country is even more stressful. You’re trying to get used to your new surroundings, new job, new language, and your new normal. It’s really exciting too because every day is a different experience and you’re seeing everything with fresh eyes. Things that long term residents don’t even notice can seem like the craziest things to you.

Take this little guy as an example:

Cicada: The Loudest Bugs

He’s a cicada and apparently this is a small one. He was about the size of a really big grasshopper. They are so loud and never stop. In fact I can hear some outside right now. They become a constant background noise and you just get used to them.

J and I have been laughed at because we get really excited about the bugs, but these are all totally new for us. Stick bugs, praying mantis, cockroaches, cicadas and wetas, just wouldn’t survive Alberta winters so they’re fascinating for us to see in real life. I feel like a little kid sometimes chasing bugs in the backyard and it’s kind of awesome.

My first stick bug

I also learned the hard way about why you never leave food uncovered. I cooked this amazing curry dish and when I went back for seconds I discovered a fly laying eggs in the middle of it. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that before but it’s disgusting and I had to throw the whole thing out. That’s an image I’ll never get out of my mind I can assure you.

And then there’s the roaches. Some of these things are 3 inches long and they move fast. I was watching a movie the other night and one landed on the screen. It was massive. I shooed him away because he was too big to squish.

We live with our doors open to the outside all the time so who knows what wanders into the house. And there are no screens on the windows so if you leave the window open at night it’s even more of an opportunity for creepy crawlies to invade your space. I have to admit the air feels nice though and I only miss screens when I wake up with massive mosquito bites.

Ain’t nothin’ between you and the great outdoors

I’m slowly getting used to everything though and finding a new normal. Stuff that I wouldn’t have to worry about in Canada is suddenly a thing here in New Zealand. It’s a pretty awesome experience so far and I hope this feeling of newness lasts!

2 thoughts on “Finding the New Normal

  1. I enjoy thinking of you down south. Enjoy it all. We have had kiwis at the BnB and they are the hardest to understand and they think that instant is the only real coffee.
    Keep writing.
    Hugs from the GWN


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