Never Underestimate the Power of Jet Lag

After arriving in Auckland after my 14 hour flight, I thought I felt ok. A bit off, but ok.

J picked me up and we went to the house we’re staying at and, after realizing it was only 630 am, we decided a nap was in order before we started the day.

Four hours later we were up and semi-functioning, J made coffee and breakfast (muchly needed), and then we took off on our bikes for One Tree Hill. OTH is a volcanic cone in the middle of a massive park, and the views were awesome. We brought Halo the husky with us to enjoy the experience. I’m pretty sure he loved it.




After that it was a trip to Mount Eden for more stunning views, and a BBQ to finish off the day.


By this time I was so bagged and my body was so confused as to what time it was, I didn’t know if I should be waking up or going to bed. A few beers helped that and soon it was sleepy time. Unfortunately though, the jet lag would hold on for a few more days.

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